Wi-Fi Hardware Monitor

Transform your Wemos D1 R1 Mini (ESP8266) into a Wi-Fi Hardware Monitor. Monitor your CPU, GPU, and RAM, and display them on SSD1306 and ST7735 screens. You'll also find detailed instructions on the necessary hardware and software setup, complete with a step-by-step guide for both hardware and software configurations

Wi-Fi Hardware Monitor


  • Ready for SSD1306 and ST7735 screens
  • Monitor your CPU, GPU and RAM over Wi-Fi
  • OTA Firmware updates

To Do

  • Add support for different screens

Needed hardware

3D printed case (SSD1306 Screen)

Without case (ST7735 Screen)

Wi-Fi Hardware Monitor 01



Get the Source Code on GitHub

You need to install the following software to start building this project:


You need to modify the following values from /include/secrets.h matching your Wi-Fi setup

URL example const char *url = "http://YOUR-PC-IP:8085/data.json";

How to get your pc ip address on Windows 10?
  • Open Command Prompt
  • Write ipconfig and press ENTER
  • Search for IPv4 Adress: YOUR-PC-IP
const char *ssid = "YOUR_SSID";
const char *password = "YOUR_PASSWORD";
const char *hostname = "HardwareMonitor";

Inside /src/main.cpp you need to choose between hardwareMonitorSSD1306(); or hardwareMonitorST7735();

Uncomment the screen that you want to use.

// Enable Wi-Fi Hardware Monitor with SSD1306 screen
// Enable Wi-Fi Hardware Monitor with ST7735 screen
  // hardwareMonitorST7735();

On platformio.ini you choose the port that uses your ESP8266

Uncomment the upload protocol that you want to use.

; Upload over serial
upload_protocol = esptool
upload_port = COM4
; Upload over Wi-Fi
; upload_protocol = espota
; upload_port = ""

Open Hardware Monitor

  • Go to Options > Remote Web Server
  • Enable Run
  • On Set Port use for example port 8085

Firewall rule for Windows 10

  • Add an Entry Rule with the following values
    • Name Open Hardware Monitor
    • Port 8085
    • Protocol TCP

How to test if server is accesible?

  • Get your phone connected to Wi-Fi
  • On browser url write YOUR-PC-IP:8085
  • If you can see the values, your Wi-Fi Hardware Monitor can access them.

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Wi-Fi Hardware Monitor 02 Wi-Fi Hardware Monitor 03

3D Model

Get it on Thingiverse

Wi-Fi Hardware Monitor 04 Wi-Fi Hardware Monitor 05 Wi-Fi Hardware Monitor 06

Inspired by

Hardware Monitor by ModBros

Gnat-Stats by Psyrax